MikTex and Microsoft Proxy Servers

I recently installed Lyx on my Windows PC at work (To help me work out a correct document layout without the distractions of Microsoft Word).

As a part of the complete Windows install package, the typesetting programme: MikTex is installed.

When I attempted to update MikTex after installation, I struggled to get the proxy authentication working correctly.  The solution it seems (For me anyway) was to not specify http:// in the proxy address box under connection settings.  Just typing in the IP address of the Microsoft proxy server allowed this to work correctly.



4 thoughts on “MikTex and Microsoft Proxy Servers

  1. Question: what is a microsoft prox serve.. I think this is my problem.. but not knowing what to look for I have not progressed.
    I word in a firm and thus have no access rights, vista, but our management agreed on quants having latex.. the point is that our IT people do not know athing about miktex and I not much about the internal structure of their architecture ( firewalls, proxies etc..)

    I shall have to guide them..
    for the time being Miktex package manager doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the remote server or say to download anything..
    what could be missing a proxy server?

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