Citrix XenApp streaming client error: Office 2007

Whilst attempting to stream Office 2007 from a test Citrix box to a desktop, I encountered this bizarre error.

Unable to find a suitable version for your operating system/language/boot drive (0xE000192)

The target was correct (The same VM had previously been used to create the profile).

After some digging around, I found an article on Citrix’s web site that appeared to explain the problem.
Click here for Article.

It turns out that the real time scanner of the Anti-Virus (In this case McAfee) on the XenApp server was attempting to scan the cab file when the streaming plugin was trying to access the profile.

The cab file in this case is around 950MB and so takes some time to scan, by which time the streaming plugin has given up.

When the real time scanner was disabled (A temporary measure until the anti-virus policy is updated!!), the streaming of Office 2007 finished correctly.

It is also worth looking at the article about switching on debugging for the Streaming plugin which can be found here.




One thought on “Citrix XenApp streaming client error: Office 2007

  1. We had the same error on our farm and traced it to a lag in DFS not resolving the share name that the streamed application was located on. Essentially it times out and reports the error.

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