My lenovo driver extraction script has been made redundant!

My script here has been made redundant by a new export feature in Lenovo’s Update Retriever!

The update allows you to export and extract the downloaded driver packages to a specified directory. My initial tests are very positive.

You can download the file from this link.

Thanks to Robert Kirk for the heads up.



2 thoughts on “My lenovo driver extraction script has been made redundant!

  1. Ok, I gave the idea of using the Lenovo tools to Kenny. I also showed him through a TS how to manage it.
    Your script is nice but only for one shot. What if the drivers have been updated??? You cannot import the newest drivers into the driver list. It is unmanageable. What you can do is to just copy the executable files of Thininstaller and set in the config files whereto the drivers are. In that way the computer can do full update of his drivers. No hassle in updating, extracting, downloading drivers from the Lenovo site but just by using system retriever en thininstaller.
    Also for those who uses the lenovo sccm packages, they are not up to date. Got several times when the single driver download is more recent that what’s inside the sccm package so be warned about those. Better is to use the system retriever to get it and use Richard’s script if you want to work with the ‘import drivers’ method.
    For me the thininstaller method is way simpler to manage before and after. If you only have 4 or 5 Lenovo models it’s ok to use the script method.

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